The Middle School Studio is a dynamic environment, created for and by early adolescents,
that honors the journey of every student while helping them push themselves to ever greater heights.

What is the main focus of Middle School Studio?

The transition of the Eagles from childhood to adulthood, incorporating the sharing of ideas.

How do students learn?

The work in the studio is student-directed with support from the guides in the form of accountability and
scaffolding for the successful completion of real-life tasks.
  • Eagles are responsible for their academic goals, which we call Core skills.
  • There is no upper limit to what students can achieve in a week, but there is a minimum requirement.
  • In the studio we utilize multiple platforms, both on and off-line in order to meet the students needs in math, vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing.
  • Projects is the part of the week when students are working on a big, real-world, public goal that incorporates the other areas of study.
  • When not working on Core Skills, Projects, Socratic Dialogue, or Writing Workshop, Eagles participate in a number of other activities:
    • Mentoring and tutoring with the younger students
    • Self government in the form of Town Hall meetings and conflict resolution meetings
    • Personal development workshops
    • Q&A visits with Heroes from the community


How do students keep track of their work?

Students self-evaluate weekly and write a blog post chronicling their journey, both academic and personal. These are presented to the Studio each week and are available for the entire Acton community to read and comment on, creating a sense of public accountability and making the student not only responsible to themselves, but also the commitments they gave to the community.